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An Irresistible glimpse of Ireland

What can I say that this picture does not?! But when it comes to Ireland, words are hard to resist. The scenery makes you want to paint, write poetry, or just sigh. This pic was clicked on my way to the Giant Causeway. Carncastle, or Cairncastle, means ‘castle on the mound’. It is a small village in the Antrim county of Northern Ireland. In 2001, the population of this village was: 66! Even if that number has doubled now, and I somehow doubt it, you can imagine the peace and beauty of this crowd-free spot.  Town 2


The best way to tour Ireland: rent a car!

Belfast Airport

The best way to see Ireland is by driving around.

Ireland is the most breathtaking place I have set foot on.  It is impossible to drive through this exquisite nation without wanting to stop and explore, or just inhale, all that beauty every few kilometres or so. To be able to do that, you need a car. Sure, you will save a lot more money if you were to take a bus tour, but you won’t be able to stop and go as you like. So, pay a little more, but make sure you hire a car. There are scores of good rental companies to choose from. And keep at least 7 full days to soak in the clean, serene environs of Ireland. It will rejuvenate your very soul.